Non Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer

Non Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer

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This is a 3rd generation, their latest model. They still sell the first generation unit so dont think all non touch infrared thermometers are created the same. Besides being more accurate, this one to within .1 degree, it also has a lot of features. Including being able to alert you with a Green, Orange and Red display if the person you are scanning has a safe temperature, raised temperature or fever. You hold this near the forehead of the person you are scanning and get their temperature in 1 second. These have been May's hottest item so please allow up to 5 business days before it ships and email us, or call 405-818-3905 to check on availability or a specific ship date. We usually get in weekly shipments so ship these out every week on the day the new shipment arrives if they are not in stock. 

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