Classic 2 Ply Toilet Paper 80 Individually Wrapped Rolls

SKU: ClasssicTP

All of our Toilet Paper is made in the USA in the same plant that makes Angel Soft and all of our toilet paper is 2 ply and quilted, it is nice paper. We have three levels, this is our level 2. 

Classic honestly feels just as soft to me as our best toilet paper, the Level 3 Imperial, the main difference is that Imperial is over 20% thicker. So same softness but much thicker sheets. The Classic is only $10 more per case than the level 1, lowest cost option and well worth it I think for such a small difference. All cases of Toilet Paper have 80 individualy wrapped rolls. 

We offer this Toilet Paper for those who cant get out of the hourse during these times to try to find it in stores or for those who do not want to go out. Some towns, like mine, has no TP anywhere. I havent found it in stores in weeks so this is an option as we do get weekly shipments and fill all orders in a timely manner. If you can find it locally it will be a better deal than buying this but at least this gives you an option for toilet paper delivered to you in bulk quantities. 



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