Childrens Disposable Maks's, Box of 50

Childrens Disposable Maks's, Box of 50

SKU: childmask

These are a higher quality mask than the lowest priced adult 3 ply mask out there and these are smaller to better fit children. The boy shown in the gray mask and a blue shirt is going into 1st grade for size reference. He is a big 1st grader but even his sister going into 6th grade fits these well but she can also fit an adult mask. I would say these are best for kids about 10 years old and under. They are harder to get right now than adult masks with schools opening and we could run out but right now these are available. Please allow up to 1 week for shipping. 

If you buy a case you save $5 per pack ($50 total savings) and save on shipping as well. Its another item right here in the mask section on the website. 

If you have a color preference between blue and gray let us know but right now with inventory so hard to get we will ship whatever color is in stock if we do not have both. You can always email us at or call 405-818-3905 to check on color options and shipping lead times. We are happy to help! 



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