5 pack of 135ml Hand Sanitizer Gel 4.5oz. FDA Approved Made in Texas

5 pack of 135ml Hand Sanitizer Gel 4.5oz. FDA Approved Made in Texas

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Ships Same Day or its FREE! 5 Pack of our 135ml bottles. Comes as shown, 5 total bottles for one price, $29.99 plus shipping or there is an option at check out to not pay shipping if you pick it up locally. It is this the lowest price per ounce of our small bottles.

I want to point out that this (the 135ml) is more than double the size our local clinic pharmacy compounds and sells for $9.99 so this is already half the price by volume of our only local option. 

They are great for pairing up with the big Gallons as it gives you something to refill. We also have pumps for the gallons to purchase by request if you need one of those. The 70ml is my favorite as it is slimmer than the 110ml. Its slightly shorter but much thinner which makes it easy to take anywhere. The 35ml is the smallest so great for pocket carry and the 110ml is a little more volume so if you want one that will be in the car for awhile then its a good go to. So 35ml pocket carry, 70ml purse or jacket pocket, 110ml purse or auto. 135ml auto or desk. Just some options. 


Our Sanitizer is FDA approved and American made in Texas. It is a 70% alcohol solution and is the same sanitizer this manufacturer makes for its contracts with Home Depot, FEMA, etc.

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