20 Gallons, thats 5 Cases!

20 Gallons, thats 5 Cases!

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Ships Same Day or its FREE! This can be picked up or will ship as a total of 5 Boxes with each one being an individual case. 


Our Sanitizer is FDA approved and American made in Texas. It is a 70% alcohol solution and is the same sanitizer this manufacturer makes for its contracts with Home Depot, FEMA, etc. If your local you can pick this up in person in Shawnee, Ok or the Oklahoma City area. For everyone else we can ship right to your door and we can ship any size order. The same people who haul it to us from Texas can take a pallet or multiple pallet order anywhere in the US.

These gallons are a great value when compared to what smaller quantities are going for especially when you consider you can place your order with if from the comfort of your own home and for any quantity you want. For instance 60ml bottles locally in our area when available are $9.99 at our pharmacy's. Just 1 of these $68 gallon jugs would make 63 of those bottles! That means a gallon with 3,785 ml at $68 gets you 55ml per $1! Thats way better than just 60ml for $10! Also this is not hand made sanitizer but FDA approved commercially produced hand sanitizer gel. You dont have to worry if its in stock when you go to the store or get to the store at the crack of dawn and stand in line.